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Hello. I’m Jay Moody, the author of The Moody View.

I am an anthropologist, investor, entrepreneur, artist, swampy singer-songwriter, and mystic rootsman. I am an enrolled member of the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Tribe, with strong Muskogee Creek and Irish roots hailing from the Gulf Coast in the creolized south.

This blog is about my view on life, the universe and everything.

I have a mission to elevate myself, my community and others who are willing to come along. I do this by encouraging personal growth in a number of key areas that I think are integral in this pursuit. Amongst those are:

Knowledge and Reason
It’s only with knowledge that we can grow intellectually for without it we would be doomed to a life of mediocrity. But we must also have the ability to reason, to use logic and sound judgment when analyzing the facts, and information to which we are exposed. Without reason we would be too easily manipulated by emotion and passion.

Our health, and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance. This includes everything from understanding proper nutrition, exercise, and the role of medicine and psychology in order to maintain our physical, mental and emotional strength so that we can be of the most benefit to out families and our communities.

Closeness with Nature
We are children of nature. We were created through an evolutionary process that has tied us closely with the rhythms of the Earth, and sun. We do not reject technological advancement, but we must remain a close understanding and relationship with our natural world in order to maintain a proper perspective on what it really means to be human beings.

Roots and Culture
Similar to being close to nature, we must maintain a strong sense of our roots not only as humans of our historical cultures, but as our ancient prehistoric origins as well. We carry this closeness with us into our modern cultures, seeking to maintain a strong, healthy and vital modern civilization without abandoning the greatness of our ancestors who brought us here.

Market Consciousness
Economics has always been with us and always will be. The law of supply and demand is a truth that must be embraced. It is no coincidence that the healthiest, strongest and most vital cultures and communities with the most influence and self-determination also have strong economies. Our own lives and personal finances are a significant part of this economy, and a reflection of it. We must recognize that we are already business owners whether we choose to be or not. Our lives are our businesses. It is through a proper understanding and implementation of sound economic and business principles that we can improve our status, empower ourselves to have real control over our destinies. With market consciousness we are capable of functioning within the market economies of our lands, but are also conscious to avoid being manipulated by it.

Spiritual Exploration
Just as we are biologically children on the Earth, the sun and the stars, we are also spiritual beings inhabiting these bodies. There is much about our spirits that we don’t understand, but there are thousands of years worth of knowledge accumulated on the subject pioneered by prophets and mystics who have gone before us. To be truly balanced and fulfilled, we must embrace our spiritual natures and explore the confines of our souls.

We are created beings. The primary attribute of God is of a Creator. To be God-like we must also seek to be creative. This can be through artistic and artisanal means, or through science and engineering. We must tie all these attributes principles together in order to create a better world for ourselves, our communities and our future generations.

The articles on this blog are a reflection of these principles, and vice a versa which are not so much separate principles, but a web of interworking facets which help make up a holistic approach to an empowered life.

This page will be revised as needed as I flush out these ideas and principles more fully over time.

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