Bearing Takes on Ted Talks

Popular Youtuber, socio-political critic and cartoon bear, Bearing has some fighting words for the execs who run the even more popular youtube Channel TED Talks.


Bearing claims “Ted employs a policy of Dishonestly and underhandedly silencing anyone who dares to criticism their content.”

He says he had a run-in with TED in November, 2016 when he created a video utilizing short clips from the TED video to which he was responding. This is a widely used format on youtube and legally constitutes fair use under Youtube’s copyright policy.

TED however, issued a DMC takedown notice against his video. When Bearing filed a counter-notice against them, instead of withdrawing their claim, they allowed the full 14 day time period to expire.

The TED website’s about page clearly says: “TED is owned by a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation. Our agenda is to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation.”

This begs the question if TED is really trying to spark conversation, or attempting to use its power to intimidate smaller youtubers out of the conversation in order to control the narrative.

On top of this, Bearing has found anther youtuber, Schwinn Wiggins who has had a similar run-in with TED.

As a proponent of the US First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, of the Press, and of Fair Use I consider this a subject worth information and further investigation.

Please watch the video below and direct any inquiries, criticism, or concerns to the content creator, Bearing.

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